JNCC Survey – Outer Hebrides

The JNCC have asked RAFOS to mount an expedition to survey the length and breadth of the Outer Hebrides such that this is the initial trawl for members wishing to participate.

Likely dates are 14th – 28th June 2020 and with the general format and travel arrangements established on previous RAFOS JNCC surveys.

Keith Cowieson is the co-ordinator.

The JNCC expedition for June 2020 has been postponed due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. A further update to be prepared subsequently


The Winter Duck annual Wetland Birds survey in Northern Scotland is due to commence on 25 January so here’s hoping all goes well.

The next RAFOS event is the Somerset Levels visit on 17 – 19 April 2020 based in Glastonbury. Co-Ordinator is Pete Evans.