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The minutes and appendices of the 2019 AGM are at ‘About/AGM/AGM Minutes/2019’

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  1. I am sorry not to have been in touch with RAFOS for some time, but Phyl and I have both not been well for the last few years. Therefore, in December 2019 we decided to move from our home county of Lincolnshire to Cornwall, so that we could be closer to our son and his family. Our new address is:
    “Tregenna Barton” Penstraze, Chacewater, Truro TR4 8JA; our new telephone number is 01872 560309.

    Please pass on our thanks to the committee for their continuing hard work, and keep up the good work. I would be grateful if you could confirm that you have received this mesage.
    Best wishes,
    Peter Montgomery

    1. Hi Peter
      I am sorry to hear that you both have been unwell for a considerable time but I hope things have improved since your relocation. I have passed details of your relocation to the Membership secretary for updating his records. The next Newsletter should be out soon as I understand and your copy should be correctly addressed for Cornwall.
      I’m not sure when our next Committee Meeting is to be held, (possibly in October but of course things are very uncertain), when I can pass on your thanks to the Committee, otherwise I shall circulate your thoughts via e-mail. You may have noticed that the AGM is postponed until probably the 20th Mar 2021 due in part to Covid 19 but also in response to a membership survey on when and where the AGM should be held.

      Bye for now

      Ken Earnshaw

    2. Hi Peter

      The latest RAFOS committee meeting was held recently and I passed on your thanks to the committee members as requested, appreciatively received although only a small number of the committee could make it. However things were a bit vague due to you not having been a member for a good number of years so I had to remind them of your previous involvement with RAFOS. In common with other similar organisations there has been very little activity within RAFOS this year and no improvement yet on the horizon. Perhaps by next summer things may have returned to normal.
      I trust that your health has not deteriorated due to Covid 19 and I hope that both of you will see this through.

      Bye for now


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