RAFOS AGM. A note from Martin Routledge

The RAFOS AGM in November has been postponed until 20 March 2021. The astute among you may well have already put two and two together and come up with four reasons why the Committee has decided to postpone the AGM. First, there is this nasty little virus going around and although things seem to be improving, we are far from out of the woods yet – so the Mess may not be open for business as usual in November. Next, even if it is open there may still be several ‘frequent flyers’ to the AGM in the VP category (that’s Valuable Person) who may not be able to travel to the venue – we might not make a quorum and more importantly everyone’s health is a primary concern. Then, even if we did manage to put it all together there is a strong chance we might have to cancel at short notice if things took a turn for the worse as winter approaches. Finally, we felt a move to a spring AGM might be worth trying anyway as the recent AGM survey reported in the last edition of the Newsletter, though not conclusive, did show a slight preference for a spring meeting. Therefore, the Committee have decided the November AGM is postponed to 20 March 2021 with the expectation it will take place at High Wycombe on that date. In the meantime, the Committee will continue to make sensible decisions about funding expeditions such as WINTER DUCK and ISLAY MIST among other things until we can restore a more normal service. Stay safe folks and good birding.