A possible events programme for 2023

Proposed 2023+ Programme.

o Slimbridge, Somerset Levels + Expeditions WINTER DUCK, ISLAY MIST and GIBEX. Standard recurring outings and expeditions.

o Support to DIO’s Environmental Support and Compliance Team. Building upon the successful ad hoc outing by 3 RAFOS members in Mar 20 assisting DIO’s conservation team surveying waders at Saunton Sands, Devon, and the Dorset Heath SSSI/SAC outing in 2021, give further support to them in fulfilling their statutory role in surveying and monitoring biodiversity on the MoD’s estate, both at home and abroad. Possibilities could include Kenya and Belize, as well as UK sites in Devon and Dorset (eg. West Moors, Lulworth, Bovington, Blandford Camp and Thorney Island – hopefully to be further explored in 2022). Likely stumbling blocks will be the costs of air travel to overseas’ locations if Service support is not possible.

o Breeding wader survey – Cairngorms, Scotland. Continue assistance to Durham University PhD candidate and the ‘Working-for-Waders’ multi-agency project, supported by Crown Estate/Balmoral amongst others, with wader surveying in the 2023 & 2024 field seasons.

o Revisit overseas venues. Cyprus, Falkland Islands etc?

There should be further information arising from the next committee meeting to be held on Thursday 10 Nov 2022.

Website update: A problem with the RAFOS website has been resolved such that Newsletters from No. 71 through to No. 114 are again available.